Snapped Ankles- Stunning Luxury

London “punktronica” outfit, Snapped Ankles, are moving on from their woodwose aesthetic and are now taking on the guise of the agents of their community’s demise – the property developers and brokers who heat the market on the promise of Stunning Luxury. 

Their second official release (released in March), Stunning Luxury, is a “10-song Gang of Four style takedown of modern capitalism” and “a stridently political album that loses neither its sense of humor nor its capacity for bangers”. The albums themes and settings are based in the city and suburbs rather than the forests of 2017’s Come Play The Trees. The album’s lyrics attacks gentrification and other aspects of modern city life.

Caked in their patented tribal dance rhythms, quirky call-and-response exchanges, and chaotic electronic squabbles, SA make it easy for us to dance while the modern world around us continues to collapse.

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Here is the video for Drink and Glide:

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