Slow Hollows- Get Along

Slow Hollows have a lot of well-known connections.

Singer Austin Anderson has worked with Frank Ocean, Brockhampton, and multiple projects with Tyler the Creator. All before he hit his 21st birthday.

Continuing their connections to well established artists, their recent single, Get Along, was produced by Bjorn Ytting, of Peter Bjorn and John; a slow, infectious burner melted over a trippy, spiraling loop, subtle keys, and field-recorded claps. Despite the familiar production credit, here is where things change — rather than getting lost in in the name(s) in front, Get Along finally catapults Austin and company into the spotlight. The soft, beguiling croon mixed with wallflower poetics on reconciling a relationship immediately grab your attention and stick. Rewind, rewind, rewind.

Slow Hollows debut LP, Actors, will be released on October 23rd on vinyl and cassette.

Pre-order here

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