Phoxjaw- Melt, You’re a Face of Wax

Phoxjaw is a Bristol, UK-based quartet with a unique sound. Part Pulled Apart By Horses, part Cave In– all emotionally charged, splattered with darkness and hope alike.

Melt, You’re a Face of Wax confirms the above. The song is from their latest A Playground For Sad Adults EP, which is being bundled with their 2018 Goodbye Dinosaur EP on a limited vinyl release from Hassle Records. It’s pure drama, driving and creepy. The prog-inspired dynamics switch from crawling guitar plucks/drums to waves of operatic vocals and crunchy chords and back again.

I’ve listened to this and, the other single, Monday Man, at least 100 times this week.

If you are in the UK/Europe, check out the various vinyl/t-shirt bundles Phoxjaw is offering along with the two EPs here.

Here is the James Harris directed video below:

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