Fried Egg- Bite My Tongue + New Album Release

Hailing from my old stomping grounds of Central Virginia, Fried Egg is a frantic hardcore punk foursome that recently released their debut album, Square One.

Guitarist Tyler Abernethy, bassist Sam Richardson, drummer Sam Roberts, and vocalist Erik Tsow recorded the new album to tape in two days at a recording studio in Richmond. Fervently recording all nine songs from the LP in mostly first takes, the sounds on Square One match the urgency. Fried Egg crafted a concise and unnerving album – one that echoes the anxiety, tension, and disenchantment running rampant through modern day America.

The first track, Bite My Tongue, is a stand out for me. Brash and unapologetic, incorporating elements of discordant rock that could have found a home in the post ’83 Touch And Go catalog.

Grab a cassette/stream in full/download for free

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