Drahla- Useless Coordinates

“Ancient Egypt in the palm of my hand,” sings Luciel Brown on Pyramid Estate. Claiming to wield the power of an entire civilization is a hell of a bold gambit for a band’s first album, but the rugged post-punk of Drahla’s Useless Coordinates is so potent, it might just raise the pharaohs right out of their tombs.

The Leeds three-piece – Brown (vocals/guitar), Rob Riggs (bass) and Mikey Ainsley (drums) – forge their arrangements from scratchy-yet-melodious chord progressions, riffs more jagged than a mountain range, mean basslines, and their singer’s hushed yet swaggering performance. Like their most obvious stylistic ancestors, Sonic Youth, everything feels primal and instinctive, chaotic but controlled.

Listen to their second release in full below and go to their Bandcamp page if you are interested in grabbing a US physical release (vinyl or cassette).

Euro vinyl via Captured Tracks

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