Double Grave- Deadend

Double Grave has been a band on the move since the release of their 2018 EP, Empty Hands. A midwest tour in May, another upcoming midwest voyage in June with The Cult of Lip, and all band members waxing-existential on a bicycle, skateboard, and truck bed in their latest video for “Deadend”.

Over infectious crunchy chords and an easy beat, Jeremy Warden sings about his recent unease with his current situation: “All my friends are moving on, from here / all their bands are breaking up / what’s that mean for me?” Is Minnesota wearing on his inner-circle but not him? Are friends moving on and up and leaving him behind? Despite the dread and anxiety, Jeremy and Double Grave turn their fears into a light, breezy, infectious tune that contrasts the subject matter.

Buy the Empty Hands 7″ via Sad Cactus Records here
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