Arlo Parks- Super Sad Generation

At only eighteen years old, London singer Arlo Parks is wise beyond her years.

With a unique ability to feel and demonstrate both soul and compassion, Arlo’s debut EP, Super Sad Generation, rips the veil off of identity and generational anxiety while wrapping it in infectious, left-field pop.

Arlo on the title track below:

“I wrote this after one of those slightly surreal nights: we were sat in the park, there were tears, people were talking about running away, why panic attacks happen, and sunshine. It made me think about the fragility and the infinity of adolescence: July weather and alcohol does weird things to kids sometimes. So I looked at the friends around me and put fragments of their hopes and troubles together to make this tune.”

Also, check out the video from the debut smash single, Cola, below.

Grab a limited edition 7″ vinyl of the EP here

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